Lino Lakes MN Real Estate

The city of Lino Lakes is considered prime real estate on the north side of the Twin Cities in Anoka County. The heart of the city contains the beautiful 3,500 acre Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park Reserve with 13 beautiful lakes and several seasonal wetland areas. Click to Read More

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Lino Lakes MN Homes For Sale

The Lino Lakes Mn real estate market is hot. Lino Lakes offers home buyers a beautiful, natural area with all the creature comforts of a small town plus convenient access to the larger cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The planned Legacy at Wood Edge development is designed to create a new downtown for Lino Lakes, combining rental housing, townhomes and condos with a mix of commercial uses. This spirit of growth makes Lino Lakes Mn real estate a very positive investment opportunity.

Lino Lakes Mn homes for sale come in a variety of architectural styles. You will find both existing and new single-family dwellings for sale along with townhomes and condos. When you buy a new home in Lino Lakes you are buying into the natural beauty that is unique to Lino Lakes. For that reason, we feel you cannot lose when you invest in Lino Lakes Mn real estate. If you are thinking about all the Lino Lake Mn homes for sale and are not sure how to start, give the realty team at Barker & Hedges a call today.

Lino Lakes MN New Homes

You will find a variety of Lino Lake Mn new homes available. Generally, new homes are built in expanding areas, so your new Lino Lakes Mn home will probably increase in value. Start by considering your family's interests. Would you like to reside in a planned development with brand new neighbors? Or would you prefer living in brand new home in an established neighborhood? Either way, you can build your new home to high standards of energy efficiency, with the latest building materials. When you build new, you are in control. You decide which extras you want and how much storage you need.

Lino Lakes MN Home Builder

Finding the Lino Lakes Mn home builder who can create your dream home from scratch will involve some legwork and research. When you are done, on the other hand, you truly will posses the home of your dreams. Start by assessing your family's needs. Does your dog need a fenced-in yard? Do you need extra room for your hobbies? Create a list of all the extras you would like in your new home, then start asking friends and relatives for recommendations. Bring your list to meetings with every Lino Lake Mn home builder, and be sure to ask for references.

Lino Lakes MN Realtors

Because we know the entire metropolitan area of St. Paul and Minneapolis well, we feel we are uniquely qualified to be your Lino Lakes mn realtors. As realty professionals, we can help you sift through the current listings to find a fairly valued home. When you decide to buy, we can help you negotiate a fair price. If you're ready to sell your existing home, we can help you set that sells and can help you find pre-qualified buyers. As your Lino Lakes Mn realtors, we strive to create a stress-free real estate experience. Click, call or stop by today.

Lino Lakes City Information

The city was founded by trappers in an area abundant with wild rice and small game. When the Lino Lakes area was being incorporated into various cities, the residents incorporated their own village of Lino Lakes on May 11, 1955. With just under 2,000 people in the city, the town was much smaller than the nearly 20,000 people who make Lino Lakes their home now.

Lino Lakes provides the best of both worlds. It is just twenty minutes away from St. Paul or Minneapolis for work, shopping and entertainment. At home in Lino Lakes you can enjoy many outdoor activities without the hassles of big city traffic.


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