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Just west of downtown Minneapolis lies a large neighborhood named Bryn Mawr, which forms an odd shape that juts out eastward into the city. The borders of the neighborhood include some parkland, with Thodore Wirth Park forming a border to the north and west and Basset Creek to the north as well. Bryn Mawr Meadows forms an eastern border for the neighborhood, and Cedar Lake Park forms the southern border.Read More

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Bryn Mawr - Minneapolis MN Homes & Condos MLS

This beautiful community, fenced in by parkland, was named by the early investors who came to the area, many of whom arrived from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. They named the school and the community park after their home city, and the neighborhood has since taken the name for itself as well.

Bryn Mawr is a busy area, with many executives and other professionals working out of their homes in the area. The inviting commercial district of the neighborhood helps to cater to these busy professionals and to the rest of the residents of the lovely Bryn Mawr neighborhood.

You will find once you arrive, that Bryn Mawr is an upscale and lovely neighborhood of Minneapolis, with plenty to do and lots of park access on every side for children and adults seeking to spend time outdoors and relax. With all of the open air, you will hardly realize that you are living in the midst of one of the Twin Cities.


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