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Named for the small river than runs through the eastern portion of the neighborhood, Shingle Creek is located on the North West outskirts of Minneapolis, right on the city limits. The creek itself is named for the fact that the first shingle mill in the county was built here, in 1852. This is a lovely picnic, fishing, and boating spot in the summertime, and for anyone with a love of beautiful scenery, Shingle Creek is a wonderful place to live.Read More

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Shingle Creek - Minneapolis MN Homes & Condos MLS

Shingle Creek is dominated by 1950s-style residences, including compact three bedroom homes, and larger one-and-a-half story residences. A small number of commercial districts are located here, as well as an industrial corridor located along the Northern portion of 49th Avenue.

With around 3,300 people in residence, Shingle Creek's population is made up largely of families, and the area has an owner-occupancy rate of more than 90%. Shingle Creek, along with many other Minneapolis neighborhoods, has created a neighborhood action group that works with other local organizations including the government, to refurbish and renovate older homes, with the intent to create more affordable housing in the area. A Homebuyer's Assistance Program has also been created, in order to attract first-time home-buyers to the area. This organization is also committed to protecting and preserving natural environments, including the neighborhood's namesake, and also to the development of a number of youth-oriented programs.


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