Mound MN Real Estate

Mound is a city in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Mound is 8 miles west of Minnetonka, and 19 miles west of Minneapolis. This city is in the outer ring of the Twin Cities suburban area. It was at one time a vacation spot of Presidents and captains of industry. Even today, the City of Mound is a highly prized location to visit and live. Click to Read More

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Mound Minnesota Information

Mound's history has revolved around Lake Minnetonka, which surrounds the city on nearly every side. The lake's irregular shape has created some interesting names for individual communities in this area, areas such as Three Points, The Island, The Highlands, Phelps Island, and Shirley Hills. The Lakes define the towns in this area geographically as well as recreationally. The community of Mound alone has over 1,000 docks, and even more boats.

Mound Minnesota Real Estate

The City of Mound has been working for several years on a project called "Mound Visions." One of the projects goals is an attempt to improve business traffic in the city. Some recent accomplishments of this project are the Lost Lake Greenway, the Villas on Lost Lake townhouses, the Mound Marketplace, and a new parking ramp.

The Mound downtown has just about every store one could need, including a pet shop, restaurants, a Legion, a VFW, a hardware store, a barber shop, even a sporting goods store. A more recent addition to Mound’s downtown area is the "Zero Gravity" skate park.

Homes for Sale in Mound Minnesota

Mound MN is popular with well-off singles and couples in addition to being family friendly. From style to size to budget, there is a wide selection of homes in Mound MN for almost any taste. The area is comprised mostly of single-family houses with an interspersing of multi-family units and town homes. A good bit of the housing in the city is used seasonally or for leisure and vacation purposes. In June 2007, the average home sales price for a single family home, condominium or town home in Mound, MN was $352,970.

Trivia: In 1946, Mound Metalcraft was created here with Lynn E. Baker, Avery F. Crounse, and Alvin F. Tesch working as partners. After realizing success creating metal toy trucks, the company was re-christened Tonka Toys Incorporated in 1955 to honor its Lake Minnetonka Roots.


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