Blaine Elementary School

Madison Elementary, the “Home of the Mustangs,” is a 57,000 square foot building located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Blaine, Minnesota. While traditionally referred to as a “walking” school, the institutions boundaries have grown since its inception in 1967. Now, more than 500 students are bused to and from campus every day. Providing an efficient bus system makes it easy for children to get to school, which is important to many families these days that have working parents.

Madison Elementary is currently ranked as one of the best public schools in the city. It was the first “million dollar elementary school” in the Anoka-Hennepin Independent School District #11, a title that it brandishes proudly. Just what makes this million-dollar school so great? Well, for one the design and layout contributes wonderfully with the beautiful neighborhood it has been built in. Sitting just one story high and composed of 24 regular classrooms, three kindergarten classes, and four smaller instructional rooms, Madison Elementary is not an imposing building like other schools. The courtyard and array of trees that have been panted add to its aesthetic beauty.

As far as programs go, Madison Elementary has plenty to offer. A child care service is in place, and all the major curriculums are in place, including well-funded music, art, and physical education classes. Special education classes are available for children with hearing or speech disabilities, and an adaptive physical education program is also offered. Among these excellent programs, Madison Elementary has an active PTA and its own student newspaper.

You’ll find that Madison Elementary is the perfect school to send your child to. The teachers are well educated and offer impressive curriculums to make sure children will succeed. In addition, volunteer opportunities are available, as well as drug awareness program for fifth graders. Madison Elementary takes all the necessary steps to ensure a proper education for your child, and then some, making it an excellent learning institution in the Blaine area.

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