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If you are looking to build a home in Blaine, MN, you will need to begin interviewing local home builders. The interviewing process can be long and arduous, however, building and purchasing a home is one of the largest investment one makes in their lifetime and is not a decision that can be made lightly.

In order to properly interview a home builder in Blaine, MN, there are a few questions you should have prepared to ask each home builder you interview. It’s best to make a spreadsheet so that you can easily compare the home builders interviewed to help reach your decision. Here is a list of questions to ask home builders during the interview process:

Do you have any references? When a Blaine, MN home builder gives you their references you should call them. Ensure that the references are valid and appropriate for the job you want completed. When speaking to the references, you will want to ask them:

  • About the craftsmanship of the completed home done by the builder.
  • If the work was done on time.
  • If there were any problems through the contract of the home building.
  • The level of customer service provided by the home builder.
  • If they have a warranty.
  • If there were any issues with the home and how those issues were handled by the builder.

Can I come to an existing work site? Going to one of the builder’s existing work sites can tell you a lot about the company and their practices. You will want to see if the work site is clean and organized and if the workers look organized. It’s best not to plan a visit, but rather pop in, without getting in the way.

Is there a warranty with my new home? You will want to find out if there is a warranty for your new home, how long it is for and what issues it will and won’t cover.

How do you handle issues or problems that I may have with the home before, during and after it is built? There are bound to be some issues while your home is being built through all the phases, from idea to completion. Ensure that the builder is willing to work with you to help solve any problems you may have.

Where are some other homes that you have built in the area I am building in? By finding homes that the builder has complted in the general area where you will also be building will allow you the opportunity to see a completed project.

Could I have a price quote for my home? You will want to get a price quote, in writing, for the home you want to have built. Of course, that price can vary and most home builders will tell you that up front.

How long will it take to complete my home? Find out an approximate time line to finish your home. When you have finished interviewing the home builder and speaking to the references, it should be much easier to make a decision. The home builder you choose should be forthright with their answers to all of these questions – if they aren’t, keep looking for a Blaine, MN home builder.

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