Blaine MN New Home Growth

In the last twenty years, Blaine, Minnesota has grown from a town of a few thousand to become a thriving community of over 50,000 residents. Increased highway accessibility to the Twin Cities has made Blaine a desirable home for commuters who look for great schools, a lifestyle that’s more relaxed than the cities, and easy travel to Minnesota’s many natural attractions.

The old city of Blaine offers small houses set on tree-shaded lots. The many new developments in Blaine are set in landscaped, open areas with lakes and wide-open spaces. While there are attractive housing options in both sections of town, the new construction offers many amenities that the house-hunter should consider.

Development in Blaine takes place according to a comprehensive master plan that carefully considers open space, location of services, and a healthy mix of types of housing. The house shopper can find anything in Blaine from townhouses and condos to detached homes and executive dwellings, in a wide price range.

Older homes can have their charms, but the many new homes in Blaine are constructed to new standards. Wiring, plumbing, and energy-efficiency features can add value that will lead to cost savings over the long term. Designed for the 21st family’s lifestyle, they provide a complete living experience from day one, while older homes frequently need updating and remodeling to meet today’s needs.

If you’re looking for convenience, the new sections of Blaine are filled with restaurants, shopping, and recreation facilities. The National Sport Center is one of the largest Olympic level sport training facilities in the world, and takes its place alongside some top-flight golf courses to create a great place for leisure.

Interstate 35-W, State Highway 65, and US Rte 10 have contributed directly to the housing boom in Blaine. The new developments have been built with easy on-off access to those roads in mind. Blaine’s many new homes are perfectly suited for the commuter lifestyle.

Blaine’s growth is continuing. The town has led the Minneapolis Metro area in housing starts for the last few years, and the building boom will provide a steady supply of new building in the years ahead, thus ensuring that there will be plenty of solid, well built and attractive homes for consideration by the discriminating buyer in the years to come.

Blaine’s history as a great place to live goes back decades. The new homes of the new Blaine are a worthy addition to that history. In addition to their location in a beautiful and accessible area, their combination of features and amenities ensure that they are the perfect choice for the modern lifestyle.

Whether it's an older home or a newly constructed home, Blaine is a great place to call home!  If you would like additional information about purchasing a home in Blaine Minnesota, please fill out this form and one of our Blaine real estate experts will be happy to help you out!

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