10 Fall Lawn and Landscaping Tips to Maintain Curb Appeal

It's the end of September. Whether you are trying to sell your home or not, now is the time to perform autumn landscaping and lawn care duties. Though the sun is disappearing, there is still plenty to do, not only to prepare the yard for winter, but maintain the curn appeal of your home if you are trying to sell it.

1. Clean up fallen leaves and grass clippings.  When a home is for sale, piles of leaves in the yard and landscaping offer potential buyers a poor first impression of the home.

2. While raking the leaves, kill 2 birds with 1 stone by also dethatching the lawn.

3. Remove the leaves so they don’t smother the grass over the winter.

4. Though you may be ready to stop mowing, cut the grass as late as possible so that it is shorter when it goes dormant. Never cut it lower than 2 to 2-1/2 inches. When it stops growing, you can stop mowing.

5. Overseed bare patches now to fix brown spots in next year’s lawn.

6. Fall is a great time to prune trees, but avoid pruning until after the tree has gone into dormancy. Pruning too soon might encourage new growth and increase the risk of frost damage.

7. Ensure that the lawn and trees receive enough water in the fall to carry it through the winter. Water trees deeply.

8. Consider planting a few perennials. Now is a good time because the season is late and the temperatures are already cooler. As a result, the plants won't concentrate on growing leaves or blooms, but on building a healthy root system.

9. Pull annuals when the low temperatures kill them to reduce the appearance of dead, dying and dry plants.

10. Spread 6 to 8 inches of mulch (straw or leaves) over perennials to give them an added layer of protective insulation.

When it comes to selling a home, performing the tasks listed above are even more important if the house is vacant. An unkempt yard is a sign of neglect and will not be appealing. Be sure to plan on doing this work yourself or hire a reputable landscaper to do the work for you.

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