20 Reasons to Buy a House

Looking through some older posts on this blog, I thought it might be time to highlight some oldies-but-goodies. There is still some great information in these posts, even if they are a few years old.

Lately, we've been talking a lot about buying homes, but haven't talked much about choosing which home to buy. Well here are two posts from this blog's first few months which may be able to help. One of the first decisions you make when you begin to look for a home is whether to buy new or purchase an existing house. There are advantages and disantanges to each.

First, read Ten Reasons to Buy a New Home. Then read Ten Reasons to Buy an Existing Home. Between the two articles, they have a lot of information. They should help buyers to determine which type of housing is best for them.

Be sure to tune in regularly for home buying and selling news, trends, and tips.

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