4th Annual Doggie Palooza

In the Twin Cities metro area, there are 1.2 million metro households that own at least one pet or more.  Dog parks have been steadily built in recent years, pooches are allowed to eat at outdoor cafes, and there is a vast collection of specialty pet stores and services in the area.  In the Twin Cities, we really love our dogs.

It’s only natural that our love of dogs would combine with another Minnesota love: Outdoor festivals.

Enter this weekends fourth annual Doggie Palooza!  Sponsored by the Star Tribune’s Pet Central, Doggie Palooza is the Twin Cities most popular celebration of all things dog-related.  At this event, enjoy dozens of demonstrations and “paws-on’ activities, plus educational presentations, a discount microchip clinic, giveaways, vendors and much more.  Whether you have a big, lumbering Great Dane, a tiny teacup Chihuahua, or no dog at all, everyone is welcome to attend.

Doggie Palooza is this Saturday, October 4 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Wolfe Parke in St. Louis Park.  Tickets for Doggie Palooza can be purchased at the event for just $10! All pets and kids ages 12 and under are free. This is a cash only event, no credit cards or checks will be accepted.

So what exactly should you expect at this Twin Cities community event? Here is a short list and descriptions of some of the fun things that will be happening in St. Louis Park this Saturday.

Disc Dogs High-flying canines demonstrate their acrobatic abilities while catching discs thrown by their human partners. The music pounds, the dogs jump, and the crowd cheers as canines and their humans strut their stuff.

Sport Mutt Dock Jumping Join Tom Dropik and his elite canines who are medalists in prestigious competitions, including DockDogs World Championships and ESPN Great Outdoor Games. Watch demos and receive some firsthand instruction at teaching your dog to jump.

Doggie Fashion Show Watch dogs work the catwalk sporting the latest fashions at a doggie fashion show during Doggie Palooza! Each of the dog-models will be available for adoption from Underdog Rescue.

Flyball Flyball is a relay race with four dogs on a team. The course consists of four hurdles spaced 10 feet apart. The dogs jump the hurdles and step on a spring-loaded box that shoots out a tennis ball. The dog catches the ball, then runs back over the hurdles. When the dog crosses the starting line the next dog goes. Good natured racing demos will be scheduled throughout the day and experts from Happy Hurdlers and Nose to Nose Flyball will be on hand to help you and your dog give flyball a try.

Lure Coursing: One of the biggest attractions at Doggie Palooza! In lure coursing, dogs chase an artificial lure across a field, following a pattern that is meant to simulate live coursing. Usually an AKC event only for sight hounds, we welcome all dogs to run the course and give their best chase! Definitely a crowd pleaser for people and pup.

Rally Rally is a mix between obedience and agility. It comprises 12-20 performance stations in which the dog-handler team must execute the directions on a sign at each station. The team is scored by a judge who watches for smooth performance in following the directions at each station. Demos will be scheduled all day and experts will be on hand to help you and your dog give Rally a try.

Canicross The term canicross is of European origin. Cross means to move cross country. Canicross is cross country with your dog. It is the sport of running or walking your dog in a harness and special equipment. In canicross the dog pulls you, just like in skijoring. Your hands are free because your dog is attached at the belt. At Doggie Palooza you can watch demos, learn from pros and give canicross a try!

EarthDogs Earthdog trials are events in which dogs dig out the simulated dens of critters and then corner them. Usually limited to terriers and dachshunds, Earthdog tests measure a dog's natural aptitude for engaging behaviors when exposed to vermin underground. Above ground Earthdog demos will be scheduled throughout the day and experts will be on hand to answer your questions about the event and local Earthdog clubs.

Bikejoring Similar to skijoring, bikejoring is a sport where a team of dogs pull a bike. Instead of a bike you can also use a dog scooter. Watch local expert John Thompson and his dogs demo bikejoring and stick around to learn how to train your dog.

Skijoring Skijoring is a winter sport in which a person wearing skis is drawn over snow by one of more dogs. Ok, so maybe you won't be able to skijor during Doggie Palooza - but you will learn important tips from experts and try the equipment and harnesses required to make sure you and your canine have a safe, enjoyable experience.

Open Play Area Fenced area that is unsupervised open to dogs of all shapes and sizes to run about.

Small Dog Play Specially fenced section for small dogs to run amuck with other pint-sized pooches. Professionally supervised by Fresh Air Training.

Vendor Village Many local pet related and non-pet related businesses will be on hand showcasing and selling their products and services.

For a full schedule, click here.

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