A Time for Reflection

This post is a sequal to a previous blog addressing art placement.

With the wide variety of frames available, mirrors are excellent ways to add a decorative element to your walls, brighten a dark hallway, or visually enlarge a room.  As with other wall art, it is important to apply the principles of size, height, and space when choosing where to place a mirror; however, there is an additional factor to be considered when hanging mirrors:  reflection.

Improper mirror placement is regarded by some as one of the deadly home staging sins when it comes to selling a home.   So many sellers are afflicted by reflections of ceilings, floors, and blank walls... never knowing the truth of proper staging principles.  Fortunately, redemption is at hand.

Mirror Placement Dos and Do Nots

DO:  Reflect the focal point or secondary focal point of the room.  Mirrors reflecting empty spaces or stairways should be replaced with another art piece. 

DO NOT:  Hang more than two mirrors in a room unless it is displayed as a series.  Too many mirrors creates visual chaos in the room because of multiple reflections.

DO:  Place mirrors high enough to reflect the entire head of the subject.  Even a bad case of bed head should not deter you from hanging a mirror at the proper height.  Mirrors that are hung to low may simply be too small for the space.

DO NOT:  Hang mirrors facing each other.  Not only do facing mirrors give the room a peculiar unbalance (a.k.a. bad chi), you may inadvertently create a third dimension vortex as see on "The Twilight Zone." 

Although buyers may not understand the technical explanations behind interior design principles, if a design "sin" has occurred, buyers will sense what is known as JDLR (just doesn't look right) which results in an odd impression of the house.

When properly displayed, mirrors offer valuable decorative contributions to your home.  Sellers can use these principles in their existing house as a home staging technique then apply these same elements in their new house to create a designer style to enjoy for years!

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