Avoid Costly Water Problems in the Twin Cities

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We all know the phrase, “Spring showers bring May flowers.” Today, we’re focusing on avoiding costly water problems by getting your Twin Cities home ready for the spring. Here are some common mistakes we come across in the surrounding community, that could easily be avoided if you know about them ahead of time.

  1. There is not a strong enough drain-away from the home into the yard. Ideally, you want the ground by the home higher, so the gutter gradually drains down towards the lawn. You want the ground to slope outward.
  1. The gutter is clogged from debris. Avoid this by removing and clearing them before major rainfalls happen. Sometimes, we’ll notice plants on the top of the roots, because dirt has accumulated over time.
  1. Water isn’t funneling away from the home. In today’s video, you’ll notice the home has a drain at the bottom of the gutter, which goes underground. You can also add an extension to your gutter so the water drains away from your home, rather than directly into one spot. This could cause water drainage into your basement.
  1. Your sidewalk and/or driveway slopes back towards the home. If you have a cracked and older sidewalk, this could cause water to slope towards your home. You can hire a contractor to raise or re-level the sidewalk. Worst case scenario, you might have to replace it to avoid water seeping into your home.

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