Avoid Damage by Preparing Your Home for Winter

It’s very important to prepare your home for winter. Otherwise, you could run into some costly problems down the road.

For example, you need to take care of the exterior faucets on your home in order to avoid water damage. First, go inside your home and disconnect the water line. Then, go outside and disconnect any hoses. Open up the faucet valves to relieve any pressure from water left in the pipe. Once that is done, go back inside and finish draining the pipe.

Don’t forget to go back outside and seal the valves so that you don’t get any clogs, rodents, or other debris during the wintertime.

Of course, everyone uses their furnace or boiler system during the winter to stay cozy and warm. We recommend that you have a licensed heating and air conditioning contractor inspect the furnace or boiler system before winter begins. That way, the contractor can make sure that your system is operating at peak efficiency. While you’re at it, make sure to replace the furnace filter.

Carbon monoxide detectors must be
within 10 feet of each bedroom in the house.

Minnesota state law now requires that carbon monoxide detectors are set within 10 feet of any bedroom inside your home. Fall is a great time to make sure that your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors have fresh batteries and are fully operational.

It can be overwhelming to get everything in your home ready for fall, so if you need any help, give us a call. We would be happy to recommend a contractor to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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