Be Careful on the Ice

Thinking about partaking in some winter fun activities?  It might be best to leave the ice skates at home.  Thought the mild weather we’ve been experiencing is a welcome change, it has resulted in open water and weak ice along shorelines and near storm drains that empty into the lakes and channels.

In response, the Park and Recreation Board has closed all 48 outdoor ice rinks in 23 Minneapolis parks for the season. They were originally scheduled to close Feb. 16 to prepare parks for spring activities.  Residents and park visitors are being warned to stay off the ice. “Danger: Ice Not Safe” signs are posted on lakes managed by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

If conditions allow, attempts will be made to save the broomball rinks for the playoffs. This will be determined on a location-by-location and day-by-day decision. For those not ready to kick off their skates, two indoor skating facilities are still open: Parade Ice Garden and Northeast Ice Arena.

Also, ice fishers?  Don’t be these guys. If people are being asked to stop skating on the ice, you probably shouldn’t drive on the lakes either.

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