Bowing or Buckling Foundation Walls

Over the years we have helped hundreds of buyers into homes and Bryan Stuckey with Inspecta Homes has been our inspector of choice.  He recently did an inspection for a buyer of ours and in the process found one of the foundation walls to be slightly bowed.   As any good inspector would do for their client, he recommended bringing in a foundation expert to take a second look and give an opinion.  This situation is more common than you would think...the problem for our real estate team has been finding a company that can give an opinion at a reasonable cost.  Complete Basement Systems  has done numerous inspections of foundation walls for us and provides FREE estimates.  We typically use Jon Ahern if at all possible.  He is a true professional and gives great advice to our clients.  They also deal with basements with water issues as well so look them up if you are having basement issues!

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