Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Before you prepare your home for sale, you need to prepare yourself! This post (a.k.a. "It's Not You... It's Me," "Cutting the Cord," and "I Thought I Couldn't Live Without You, But I Was Wrong") is dedicated to homeowners who have poured their hearts into their beloved homes and have decided that it is now time to move on. It is natural to develop an emotional attachment to things that we spend a lot of time using. Chefs rely on their favorite knives when preparing special dishes, carpenters cherish their best hammer for all their special projects, and Grandma's prized knitting needles have a place of honor in her basket. We develop feelings for the items that have brought us enjoyment and comfort over the years.

When you decide to sell your home, an emotional separation needs to occur before you can adequately stage your house. In today's tough market, it is essential that sellers take advantage of home staging techniques; however, owners who are overly-attached to their house may have a difficult time following necessary staging directions. The result may be a residence that is highly personalized to the seller's tastes, turning off buyers whose styles may not match.

Stripping away all emotions, a house is essentially wood, wires, glass, and steel. It is the family that turns those raw materials into a home. Disconnecting from your house emotionally will help you to efficiently market your home as a product in the world of real estate. Breaking up from your house may be hard to do, but it is a necessary part of the home staging process!

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