Connected in this Crazy World

The talented Twin Cities Realtor team at Barker & Hedges has fully embraced the new technology that keeps people connected today. You can contact us in the traditional ways of calling us on the phone or coming to our office, but you can also e-mail us, tweet us, even visit us at our Facebook page. Few other Realtor teams embrace such technology, but if it keeps us more connected and helps provide information to our clients, we like to make use of it. We provide information and connect with the community in a variety of ways.

First and most obvious is our blog!

Second, we utilize both Twitter (@BarkerHedges) and Facebook. Become our follower, our fan, or both and get updated with pertinent information about the Twin Cities communities and greater Minnesota. 

Third, we Flickr. The BarkerHedges Flicker photo stream has contributed to our Photo Fridays! Additionally, you can take a photo tour of the Minneapolis Art Sculpture Garden.

Fourth, we have an entire website dedicated to Minnesota First Time Home Buyers and they have their own forum where they can talk to each other, the members of our real estate team, and people working in the mortgage business. 

The team at Barker & Hedges has done a pretty good job of keeping up with modern technology. We love being able to communicate with our clients and also provide great information to the rest of the community. We're sure to adopt more methods of communication as they become embraced by the public!

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