Curb Appeal - Spring Edition

Buyers first impressions of your house begins at the curb.

The white blanket of snow is a ghost of winter's past; the dead grass sits over the green sprouts like a brown mat; early-blooming flowers are mere nubs from the softening earth; and tired-looking Christmas lights sway from the roof top in the gentle southern breeze. (Poetic liberties exercised.)

As many home sellers are waiting for their bulbs to bloom, they are wasting precious time as their house sits on the market with little activity. Proactive steps can be taken to make your exterior look inviting while your lawn slowly sheds its winter coat.

1) Seasonal Decor: Before any other exterior projects are tackled, seasonal decor including plastic Santas and deflated jumbo snow globes should be placed into deep storage. Holiday lawn ornaments that linger into April and May detracts from the freshness of springtime.

2) Lawn Care: Dead grass looks tired and poorly maintained. As soon as the weather permits, rake away the unappealing brown layer. This will allow the new growth to emerge more quickly. Add rich soil and grass seed to damaged areas, fertilize, and water frequently to retain a lush looking yard.

3) Garden Areas: Remove the remnants of last year's growth. While the new plants are peeking up through the ground, hearty cold-weather perennials such as pansies can be added for instant color. New mulch quickly updates a brown, tired flower garden. Don't limit adding flowers to just specified garden areas. Planters with robust flowers adds a punch of color to any corner!

4) Critter Control: Warm weather is accompanied by the emergence of hibernating insects. Buyers can be turned off by any swarming pests. A safe way to eliminate these pests is to spray them with soapy water. Check with your local university's expansion center for other safe alternatives for insect removal.

5) Clean Your House: Combine step 4 with a power washer to spray away the dull residue left by the winter winds. Nothing freshens up your siding, patios, sidewalks, and garage doors faster than a quick dowsing from this powerful machine. Your local hardware store such as Ace Hardware usually rent out these time-saving contraptions. Home staging begins with an attractive exterior. Many great homes have been overlooked because the yards do not reflect the character and charm that is found within the house. Draw-in the buyers by creating an exterior space that is well maintained with great curb appeal.

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