Data Post October 15, 2009 - Forced vs Unforced Registration Test

Website Data for October 8 - October 14, 2009

We are only 2-weeks into our 3 month test and the results are already getting pretty interesting.  If you would like to review our Week 1 results, please Click Here.  A HUGE thanks to Cal Carter for posting his comments and some of his own numbers last week!  Below are Week 2 Raw Data and some thoughts from our perspective.

Raw Data: (Unforced) (Forced)

 Total Visitors

 1,189 1320
 Unique Visitors
 964 1076
 Avg Pages Viewed per Visitor
 14.3 12.3
 Avg Time on Site per Visitor
 9 minutes 41.3 seconds 7minutes 20.0 seconds
 Bounce Rate
 34% 40%
 IDX Registrations 434
 Showing Request Forms
 Property Inquiry Forms
 Other Misc Forms
 Call In from Website
 Bad Information Given



Conversion Rate:

The conversion rate is the percentage of Unique Visitors who convert into a lead.  We calculate leads including all lead types, minus those that give invalid contact information.  For (the Unforced Website), the conversion rate was 1.03% (10 net leads ÷ 964 unique visitors).  For (the Forced Site), the conversion rate was 3.43% (37 net leads ÷ 1076 unique visitors).  Both website performed at a lower conversion rate than in week 1, but our last data showed the conversion rate for the Unforced site,, to be about 1/2 of the conversion rate of her Forced Registration sibling,  This week, the data shows to be only 1/3 of the conversion rate of  Interesting.  But there's more!


While the analytics data is fairly consistent with Week 1, the Lead Data has some stark contrasts.  In Week 1, produced 8 showing request/property inquiries.  In Week 2, that number dropped to 5...and the number of Unique Visitors increased by nearly 30%! The number of showing request/property inquiries on was nearly the same as was the number of unique visitors.  Is this a result of having a bad week?  Or a trend of things to come?  We'll have to waint to find out.

Obviously, the greatest contrast is in the number of IDX leads between the sites.  We will continue to monitor the activity of these IDX leads and keep you posted on any trends we find with showing requests and property inquiries as we gather more data.


Brandon & Matt

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