Data Post December 10, 2009 - Forced vs. Unforced Registration Test

Website Data for December 3 - December 9, 2009

We saw slight up-ticks for Total Users and Uniques on both sites this week.  It's a little surprising that we haven't seen a significant drop in traffic during what is normally a "slower time" of the year.  Could it be the extended tax credit?  Time will tell.  Here are the numbers for last week:

Raw Data: (Unforced) (Forced)

 Total Visitors

1,169 1,360
 Unique Visitors
 1,030 1,166
 Avg Pages Viewed per Visitor
 Avg Time on Site per Visitor
 10 minutes 3.7 seconds 7 minutes 8.7 seconds
 Bounce Rate
 IDX Registrations 244
 Showing Request Forms
 Property Inquiry Forms
 Other Misc Forms
 Call In from Website
 Bad Information Given

Conversion Rate:

For week to week comparison, we begin by reporting the conversion rate for each site.  The conversion rate is the % of Unique Visitors who convert into a lead.  We calculate leads including all lead types, minus those that give bad contact information.  For (the Unforced site), the conversion rate was 1.17% (12 net leads ÷ 1,030 unique visitors).  For (the Forced website), the conversion rate was 4.29% (50 net leads ÷ 1,166 unique visitors). Oddly, the net leads for both websites were identical to the previous week and unique visitors were up slightly.  Therefore, the conversion rates were slightly lower, but hardly enough to be noticeable.

We are approaching the end of our test...only 3 more reporting periods to go!


Brandon & Matt


#1 By MItch Ribak at 12/23/2013 0:44 AM

Matt - Great Stats. Do you have any info on whether any of these have converted? I'm curious to see the difference, if any, in quality.

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