ForbesWoman: Twin Cities Best Metro for Working Mothers

ForbesWoman has gathered the data and determined the U.S. cities that offer the most to working moms for the second year in a row. Minneapolis - St. Paul has unseated New York, last year's No. 1 ranked city for working mothers.

To calculate the list, ForbesWoman began with the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. Working under the assumption that "best" means different things to different women, safety, schools, and health care played a big part in the analysis. Quality of life, job opportunities, high earnings potential and a budget-friendly cost of living came into play as well.

The Twin Cities did exceptionally well with safety, health care and its number of local pediatricians. And based on expenditure per pupil and school systems, education standards helped land the top rank.

Cost of living is reasonable according to Forbes, which ranks high on the list of considerations. When it comes to employment, Minnesota's median household income is $57,000.

The report says that Minneapolis has the lowest violent crime rate of any major U.S. city. Also, the Twin Cities has the second-lowest unemployment rate at 6.4 percent.

Heidi Raschke, editor for, says her online readers often mention the value of great schools and great family-friendly recreational and entertainment options.

"We do have wonderful parks and lakes and cultural institutions here and I think that's one thing the working moms appreciate," said Raschke.

Washington, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore round out ForbesWoman's top 5 cities for working mothers. New York has dropped to No. 8. At the bottom of Forbes' list is Las Vegas.

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