Home Staging De-Clutter Series, Part II

"How you live in your home and how you sell your house is two different things." In staging circles, this sentence is uttered to clients daily. However, it is widely under-appreciated by those who have not experienced staging in their own homes.

While living in your house, function usually precedes form. Translation: even though it may not look pretty, it works for our family. When selling a home, it just needs to look pretty. Take a look at the example below:  In this photo, the dining room is being used as a storage space.

For the family, this area was not being used on a daily basis, so it was convenient for them to place their unneeded items on the table.

In this condition, buyers could not imagine eating a peaceful meal or entertaining in this room.

Knowing that changes needed to be made, the family had an in-home staging consultation to prioritize the assignments.  After removing the storage items, place settings were added with a floral arrangement for drama.

Now, buyers can imagine entertaining in this room, hosting family holidays, and having a candle light dinner for two.

Instead of showing clutter, the table setting tells a story of elegance while coordinating the color scheme with the rest of the home.

The best part of staging this room was the minimal costs involved. Most items were used from the homeowners' China cabinet! The biggest investment the homeowners made was with their time and effort.

De-cluttering may be the least glamorous part of home staging, but it proves to be the most effective tool in helping your house sell quickly! The time invested in preparing your house for sale before it is listed will most likely reduce the time your house will remain on the market.

Don't think of removing your extra stuff as a chore, but instead, think of it as packing early!

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