Home Staging De-Clutter Series, Part III

Home Staging Physics: Clutter attracts clutter.

Unorganized papers on your desk... Your children's toys pushed into the corner... Overflowing magazines and newspapers on the kitchen table... What is the common thread in all these scenarios? Once one of these piles have been establish, it multiplies overnight! (Hence the home staging physics lesson for today.)

When papers, toys, or magazines do not have a proper storage place, it turns into clutter. If you are selling a home, the piles of "un-stored" items (aka clutter) needs to be removed.

The example below shows a master bedroom that is being used as a storage space.  In this state, buyers will not see this room as a restful retreat.

  After a staging consulation by KFM Staging & Design, the exercise equipment, children's clothing, and magazines were removed, and neutral accessories were added.  The result is a clean and peaceful space that is sure to attract buyers! 

Removing clutter is one of the most effective techniques of home staging!  Although these items may be precious to you, it will not help you sell your home.  Pack away your excess belongings to get them out of the way and ready to move to your new home!

KFM Staging & Design is a Minnesota home staging company that has been creating “First Impressions That Sell” for homeowners and Realtors across the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin. For more information on home staging visit our website: www.kfmstaging.com.

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