Home Staging - Five Layers to Staging

Home staging is the art of preparing your house for sale through color choices, furniture arrangement, and home accent placement. For some, the staging process can be overwhelming. By breaking staging concepts into layers, we can see how the individual steps help to create elegant rooms that buyers love.   

If you are confused about staging your room, start with a clean palate in an empty room.

LAYER ONE: Wall Color - Select the proper wall color. The color you choose for the home's interior sets the atmosphere of the house. Soft neutrals help to set a relaxing tone, while colors promote different emotional responses. When selling, it is best to keep the walls neutral and add color through home accents and artwork.

LAYER TWO: Large Furniture and Rug Placement - After you painted with your new color, set your area rugs into place. Rugs define a space while adding an additional color element. Next, large furniture pieces should be moved into place. Proper furniture placement determines the focal points, the traffic patterns, and the visual size of your room. Be sure to allow for easy walkways around the sofas, tables, and beds.

LAYER THREE: Window Treatments Placement - The next step it to dress the windows. Window treatments determines the style of the room (formal, casual, or something in between). Treatments also softens the hard lines of the windows and finishes off the space.

LAYER FOUR: Small Furniture and Lighting Placement - Add the remaining furniture items into the room. Small furniture pieces such as coffee, sofa, and end tables should be used fill in empty spaces in the room. If the space allows, use an accent chair for additional seating. Lamps may be displayed on the tables for a decorative element and additional lighting in dark corners of the room.

LAYER FIVE: Home Accent Placement - Finally, home accents are used to sell the lifestyle of the home. Artwork should be limited to the focal points of the room. Home decor should be kept to a minimum so that it highlights the features of the room without being distracting.

Home staging does not need to be an overwhelming process. Peel back the layers and use these techniques to help you stage your room with confidence and style!

KFM Staging & Design is a Minnesota home staging company that has been creating “First Impressions That Sell” for homeowners and Realtors across the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin. KFM specializes in home staging consultations and vacant stagings. For more information on home staging visit our website: www.kfmstaging.com.


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