Home Staging - Size Does Matter

Adding art requires more consideration than picking between a nail or a screw.  

When selling a home, proportion and placement of home accents are just as important as choosing the style.  Improper placement of an art piece will cause focal point confusion; furthermore, choosing decor that is out-of-scale with the space will leave buyers questioning the quality of the home.  Take a look at the examples below:

Many amatuer decorators are under the impression that art work needs to be hung at eye-level; the problem with that theory is that what is eye-level for you isn't necessarily eye-level for the buyer.

In the photo to the left, the art pieces (hung at eye-level) leave too much space between the pieces and the furniture.  The phenomenon is called "floating art syndrome," and this room suffered from a double case with breakouts on both walls.

The perscription for this "illness" is to reduce and lower.  The photo below shows how the artwork has been condensed to the focal point of the room and lowered to create a more intimate atmophere.  (Dr. KFM has cured the patient, and this house is now sold!)

The next example (to the right) shows a bedroom with art work that is too small for the space.  Ignoring all the other obvious flaws displayed in the picture, this relatively small art piece is dwarfed by the king-sized bed.   If you thought the corrective measure would be to add a larger art piece, you would be right and wrong.

By adding a larger art piece, the room will start to look unbalanced (topic to be addressed on another post).  The method of correction would be to choose a piece or series of pieces that would add length but does not overwhelm the wall.

Rememer the "intimate" feeling created by lowering the art in the living room (pictured above).  This intimate setting should be refected in the master bedroom as well.  The photo below shows several small framed pieces placed side-by-side to create a horizontal display that is as grand as the bed itself but is not over-powering. 

The improper placement of home decor and art pieces may seem like an unlikely culprit that hinders the sale of your home, but it is a "quiet killer" that leaves a bad impression on buyers.  So whether you are preparing your house for sale or are just updating it for your own pleasure, style, size, and placement of art should be considered before picking up your hammer.

The examples above show how good intentions at home staging backfired due to lack of knowledge.  After consulting with KFM Staging & Design, these sellers were shown the proper staging techniques that gave their house memorable appeal.  Your largest financial investment deserves a professional evaluation!

KFM Staging & Design is a Minnesota home staging company that has been creating "First Impressions that Sell" in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding communities.  For more home staging tips or to schedule an in-home or online consultation, visit our website at www.kfmstaging.com.

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