Home Staging Tips for Fall

The transition from summer to fall signifies more than just back to school and football.  Individuals who are selling a house should use the changing of the seasons to re-evaluate the showing condition of their home. Home Staging Tips for Fall:
  • Curb Appeal:  Don't be too eager to winterize the lawn mower.  Even in cool weather, regular yard care should be exercised; a lush, manicured yard translates into a well-cared for home.  Be sure to cut back dead or dying perenials and replace with fall blooms such as mums.  Fallen leaves, sticks, and other yard debris should be gathered and moved to a compositing collection site.
  • Fall Decorations:  Both indoors and out, keep your fall decorations to a tasteful minimum.  Setting out too many (or too large) yard displays will not only decrease the visual size of your yard, but it will distract the buyers from what they really should be focusing on... your home.  Instead of setting up your impromptu grave yard for the kiddies, use neutral fall decor (such as pumpkins and small hay bales) that appeals to the adult buyer.  (see photo below)
  • Seasonal Scents:  Nothing conjures up warm memories of family better than the sweet, spicy scents of fall.  However, using artificial sprays may irritate some buyers; and lighting scented candles for showings can be a fire hazard.  Natural scents such as freshly baked spice cookies or simmering apple cider adds a fresh aroma without overpowering the buyer.
Making the effort to update your listing during the change of seasons will ensure that your home remains fresh and therefore attracts a greater number of buyers. KFM Staging & Design is a Minnesota home staging company that has been creating "First Impressions that Sell" in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding communities.  For more home staging tips visit our website at www.kfmstaging.com.

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