Home Staging with Pets

Home Staging Fact: Not everyone will love your pets as much as you do.  When staging, it is always recommended to remove all signs of pets from your house. Although some buyers may not mind seeing a pet or two roaming around your listing, other buyers may be bothered by the idea of living in a space previously occupied by animals. In this tough seller's market, it is important to NOT alienate any segment of the buying population. If you are selling a home and you have pets, don't be discouraged - there are techniques you can use to stage your house without giving up the pooch.
  • Keep it Clean: Vacuum and/or wash pet areas including any space in your house that your pet is free to access. Cleaning removes hair, odors, and other evidence left by your pet.
  • Condense Pet Items: Keep all pet toys, food, and leashes in one basket. If a short-notice showing is scheduled, you will only need to remove one large container that holds your pet items. If you are unable to remove the basket for weekday showings, using the one basket method will reduce the amount of pet clutter in your home.
  • Litter Location: Litter boxes should be placed in lower priority rooms such as the basement, laundry room, or a storage space. Remember to clean the box on a daily basis to reduce odor build up.
  • Ditch the Dish: Like the litter box, pet dishes should be kept out of the kitchen, bathrooms, and main living spaces. If, however, if you need to keep the feeding area in the kitchen, it should be placed in a corner that is not visible from the entrance of the room.
  • Beds, Towers, and Carriers: Large pet items such as these should be removed out of the main living areas for two reasons 1) these items trap odors that may be offensive to non-pet owners, and 2) these items use up valuable floor space.
  • Contain the Critter: If at all possible, you should attempt to contain your pet to a specific area during showings. Over-friendly cats and dogs may be a nuisance when trying to view a house.
  • Immediate Removal: As a pet owner, you are responsible for the actions of your animals. If your pet shows any kind of aggressive behavior to strangers, it MUST be removed for showings. You may be liable for more than a lost sale should an accident happen to a buyer while in your home.
Marketing a house with pets takes extra time, but the results will be worth the effort! *The middle picture is a long-haired guinea pig, not a 1980's mullet.

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