How to Kill a Sale

If your home is currently on the market but you really do NOT want to move, follow these guaranteed Sale-Killer Tactics:
  1. Show Off Your Stuff: Display all of your knick-knacks, Star War collectibles, and beer steins on every available shelf. Buyers will be discouraged if they cannot see the actual room.
  2. Dual-, Tri-, and Quad- Purpose Rooms: Keep your computer, exercise bike, and newborn's crib in your master bedroom. A luxury retreat should be reserved for homeowners who actually want their house to sell.
  3. Fire the Cleaning Company: Bathroom vanities that feature dried toothpaste, hairy brushes, and empty toilet paper rolls cause buyers to run from your property.
  4. Pamper Your Pet: Man's best friend is a buyer's worst nightmare. Pet food, pet beds, pet hair, pet odors, and pets themselves can be a huge hindrance to the sale of your home. A large barking dog will keep the most interested buyers on the outside of your door.
  5. Curb (Lack-of) Appeal: Let the weeds grow, turn off the sprinkler system, and forget about collecting the morning paper. Buyers will not even bother to get out of their car.
If, however, you are a serious seller and do not want to scare off interested buyers, carefully read all the Sale-Killing Tactics, and do the complete opposite! Buyers love a house that is clean and clutter-free with great curb appeal.

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