June is Home Ownership and Home Safety Month

Yes, June is a busy month. And because we were busy in June restructuring this website and the blog, we didn't get the chance to tell you about what's happening. So because it's still June 29th, it's not too late to tell you all about it.

June is home ownership month. Last year, we wrote a blog post about it. And most of it's still pretty good, so I'll repost the important stuff here:

For many citizens, owning a home is the very definition of American freedom and independence. Having your own home or real estate has been the American dream since before the Homestead Act. Because of how important home ownership is to Americans, June has been declared National Homeownership Month. All through the month of June, local and national organizations around the country will draw attention to the benefits of home ownership and encourage responsible home ownership. As of today, about 70 percent of Americans own their own homes at this time. According to the National Association of Realtors, this month is also the 40th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act.

"On April 11, 1968 President Lyndon Johnson urged congress to approve the Fair Housing Act just one week following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a tribute to Dr. King's legacy and commitment to civil rights. One of the Act's central objectives was to prevent discrimination based on race in the sales or rental of housing. This historic Act has since empowered people from all races and ethnicities to pursue the dream of equal access to housing."

If you're thinking of jumping into home ownership, now is probably the time. For many who were priced out of the market before, there are now lots of down-payment assistance programs, tax breaks, low home prices, and low interest rates to make home ownership easier. Contact a Twin Cities Realtor to find out what your options are on the path to owning your first home.

Next, once you have a home, you have to keep it and it's inhabitants safe. During June, the Home Safety Council works to educate and motivate families to increase the safety of their homes. To make it easy, the Home Safety Council has created resources that you can use to make your home safe. You can also share the information to help encourage others to make their homes safer.

Even though June is almost over, I'm mentioning these two "events" anyway, because any month can be you personal time to become a home owner and when one has a home, every month should should include considerations for its safety.

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