Linden Hills & Fulton Neighborhoods of Minneapolis

The Linden Hills and Fulton neighborhoods are two of the best locations to live in all the Twin Cities. Aside from only being minutes away from both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, the area sits in close proximity to the international airport and the Mall of America – and because the neighborhood is on the west side of the metro, it’s only a short drive to the scenic Lake Minnetonka. And on that note, the area itself has plenty of outdoor space that feels anything but urban.

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Near the Linden Hills and Fulton neighborhoods sit plenty of bodies of water worth spending time around – Minnehaha Creek, Lake Calhoun, Cedar Lake, Lake of the Isles and Lake Harriet are all in close proximity. These options are a godsend for anyone who appreciates the outdoors, loves a good beach or water activities.

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Minnehaha Creek is one can’t miss spot in the area, flowing 22 miles east through many Minneapolis suburbs. The creek flows into the gorgeous Minnehaha Falls, a huge attraction in the Minneapolis area. The 53-foot high waterfall is a beautiful escape for the urban life that surrounds the area.

There are also many fantastic parks in the area. Residents can chose from Utley Park, York Park, Arden Park, Wooddale Park, Pamela Park, and more. Minneapolis is an ever-growing city, but the parks and bodies of water remain very much untouched by urban development.

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The Lake Harriet bandshell is a huge draw in the area during the warmer weather – locals flock here to listen to free concerts at this poetic outdoor venue.

The Linden Hills and Fulton neighborhoods have countless unique shopping options and eateries of all varieties. The options are not a menu of corporate chain establishments, but mom and pop shops and restaurants all with their own unique characteristics. The businesses reflect the community they are in, one of a kind in so many ways.

The Fulton neighborhood specifically has a great spot for local art in Gallery 360. This small, but beloved gallery showcases affordable local art for all the enthusiasts in the area.

Two of the area’s most beloved restaurants are the Chatterbox Pub and Tilia. Though the two share little in common other than the fact they serve food, they both offer patrons unforgettable experiences. One caters more towards a fun atmosphere with video games stations and good food (Chatterbox) the other offers a chic setting and refined dishes (Tilia).

One of the state’s historic sites, the Minnesota Streetcar Museum, calls Linden Hills home. Initially the line was constructed to connect Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun to the downtown area. The line now simply functions as a working piece of Minnesota history, offering visitors historic exhibits, a gift shop and best of all, streetcar rides.

The streets of Linden Hills themselves are full of character with green life in the trees and gardens that line the causeways in the summer. This area is simply one that has to be visited to properly take in all the Linden Hills/Fulton area has to offer.

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