March Twin Cities Blog Round-Up Part I

It has been a while since I wrote a post about what is going on in the Twin Cities blogosphere.  I wrote the Twin Cities – In Photos and Home Remodeling Blogs in the Twin Cities in January and I didn’t write any in February!  That’s no good, because I’ve been doing a lot of other-blog reading.  I’ve been finding great references to pass on to our readers, blogs filled with stories from within the community, and my favorite, spectacular photographic visual representations that capture the Twin Cities atmosphere.  I have all of that for you and more! So much that this round-up will be in two parts, one today and one tomorrow.

First, I’ll get the important stuff out of the way.  Behind the Mortgage is an informative blog that talks in-depth about what is going on in the home lending world, particularly what could be affecting mortgage rates in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. Alex Stenback, based in Minnetonka, is the writer behind “Behind the Mortgage,” and though I haven’t been able to wade my way through all of the posts here yet (there are lots!), not only does he know his stuff, but he really knows how to make the mortgage industry sound understandable and interesting. Here you can find serious information about Fannie and Freddie alongside a clip from SNL ridiculing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Did you know there are four homes that belong to Bernie Madoff victims on the market, as well as an ex-Vikings’? I didn’t, but I like knowing that kind of stuff.  I’m nosy like that. I will be reading this blog more in the future so I may better understand the current mortgage situation, as I’m a writer and not a real estate professional.

Now as I was putting this blog post together in my head, I made sure to bookmark the sites I wanted to include. I am unable to find the Minnesota foreclosure blog that I was reading a week or two ago, but I have found a national blog worth mentioning that provides good information.’s Blog in-depth and extensive information on foreclosures, hundreds of previous posts to sift through, plus more information being added nearly every day. If you are about to go through or are in foreclosure, or you’re considering buying a foreclosure property, this is one place to get a lot of information that is current. Also, they include interesting related stories that you might not have seen in other places, like this one about the Cave House in Missouri that almost succumbed to foreclosure. Yes, the Cave House.


The Minnesota Home Ownership Center is the state's leading independent, non-profit provider of information and resources aimed at helping Minnesotans begin, and maintain, home ownership. The Minnesota Home Ownership Center blog is just one more way for the fine people there to convey that information to you. This a relatively new blog, having only been started in February, but the knowledge provided is good and pretty much guaranteed to get better. Drop in and read a few of their posts!

As I’ve said time and time again, I love green things. I do my best to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle, like recycling, driving less, walking or biking to places more, making conscientious purchasing decisions. At Barker & Hedges, we like to spread the word about green building techniques and events on this blog, and will continue to do more in the future. Live Green Twin Cities is a blog where you can read tips and articles about living a green life in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area and beyond. I’ll be watching their blog in the future so I can learn even more about living a green life and hopefully attend some green events! Not to be overlooked is My Green Side, written and maintained by Wendy Gabriel here in the Twin Cities. I can identify with her, because she is also trying her best to live green and pass on her knowledge.  Expect me to root out more earth-friendly living and green building blogs like these in the future!

Well, that’s it for today, folks! Tune in tomorrow for more!

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