Minneapolis: Friendliest City for Cyclers in the United States

Minneapolis reigns supreme as the bike-friendliest city in the United States. In the new issue of Bicycling magazine, Minneapolis has dethroned Portland, Oregon, to top 49 other large- and medium-sized cities in accessibility to bicyclists. Portland has long ranked first, both in the magazine's rankings and other surveys.

In its assessment of Minneapolis, the magazine pointed out that Minneapolis has nearly doubled its percentage of bike commuters in just three years. The city also pledges to install new bike racks and start an innovative bike-share program.

Other criteria taken into account for the assessment include a city's number of bike lanes, municipal bike racks, bike boulevards, government interest in cycling improvements and local bike culture.

Not surprisingly, other high-ranking cities include;

3.  Seattle
4.  Boulder
5.  Eugene
6.  San Francisco
7.  Madison, which was ranked seventh.
8.  New York City
9.  Tucson
10. Chicago

Sioux Falls was ranked at 31st and Fargo was ranked 46th.

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