Minneapolis Phillips Community Highlights

The Phillips Community is located south of downtown Minneapolis. It is bordered on Interstate 94 on the north, Interstate 35 on the west, Lake Street East on the south and Hiawatha Avenue on the east. The eastern border continues along Hiawatha to Cedar Avenue South and then along the Soo Line railroad. The community takes its name from Wendell Phillips, a 19th century abolitionist.

Located in the middle of the city, the Phillips community is diverse.  Around 20,000 people of over 100 ethnic nationalities call this area home. A healthy mix of residential, commercial and industrial uses, several large employers such as Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Wells Fargo Mortgage and Allina Health Care Services along with small neighborhood businesses can be found here. The most attractive dining and entertainment options can be easily accessed in Downtown Minneapolis.

One of the most important projects undertaken within Phillips in recent times was the $189 million redevelopment of the vacant Sears building at Chicago Avenue and Lake Street into the Midtown Global Market. The Market is a mixed-used development of offices, hotel, retail and housing, as well as a comprehensive farmers' market during the growing season. Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Attractive dining and entertainment options can be easily accessed in Downtown Minneapolis just a short distance away.

The Minneapolis Phillips community puts effort into providing safe recreational activities to its youth via the East Phillips Community Center. This community center provides indoor basketball courts and pool and a craft room. Phillips houses a portion of the unique Midtown Greenway, a paved trail that spans four Minneapolis communities and ends at the Mississippi River.

The Midtown Greenway provides a bike path across the width of Minneapolis and even connects first-ring suburbs, particularly handy for adventurous commuters and cycling enthusiasts. The light rail skirts Phillips' eastern border along Hiawatha, and public transportation is widely used and available in the area.

Housing options in Phillips include many affordable single and multiple-family homes and rentals, as well as many investment and equity-builder homes. Most of the homes are older as this neighborhood is very mature and highly developed. The Phillips community of Minneapolis is actively partnering with non-profit organizations to re-develop older homes in need of refurbishment. In some cases this means converting large single-family residences into multi-family dwellings, thereby increasing opportunities to rent.

On in 2005, the City Council approved establishing the Phillips West, East Phillips and Midtown Phillips.

East, West, & Midtown Phillips

The boundaries of the East Phillips neighborhood runs along East 24th Street from Bloomington Avenue to 17th Avenue South, then runs along East 22nd Street from 17th Avenue South to Hiawatha Avenue. Its other boundaries are Hiawatha Avenue to the east, East Lake Street to the south, and Bloomington Avenue to the west.

The boundaries of the Midtown Phillips neighborhood are East 24th Street to the north, Bloomington Avenue to the east, East Lake Street to the south, and Chicago Avenue to the west.

The boundaries of the Phillips West neighborhood are East 22nd Street to the north, Chicago Avenue to the east, East Lake Street to the south, and Interstate 35W to the west.

Ventura Village

Ventura Village is a neighborhood within the Phillips community in Minneapolis. Its boundaries are Interstate 35W to the west, Interstate 94 (including the I-94/I-35W bottleneck) to the north, and Hiawatha Avenue to the east. The southern boundary runs along East 22nd Street from I-35W to Chicago Avenue, along East 24th Street from Chicago Avenue to 17th Avenue South, and then back up to 22nd Street from 17th Avenue to Hiawatha Avenue. Franklin Avenue, which runs east-west, acts as the main commercial artery in the neighborhood. Ventura Village took its name from a Spanish word that means happiness or luck. Though Ventura Village separated from the Phillips community in 2002, it is still often included.

In October 2008, the average home sales price for a single family home or condo in Phillips was $57,700.

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