Minneapolis - Saint Paul Metro Area Safest City in America

Forbes.com recently published its 2009 America's Safest Cities list. The Minneapolis - Saint Paul - Burnsville MN metropolitan area ranked #1! The ranking was based on crime rates, traffic deaths, workplace fatalities and risk of natural disasters. The Minneapolis - St. Paul - Burnsville Twin Cities metropolitan area ranked the best in each of these categories, including the lowest rate of on-the-job deaths.

Forbes.com based its rankings on a study of the nation's top 40 metropolitan areas, looking at 2008 numbers from several organizations, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It also collected historical natural disaster data from several government agencies and looked at violent crime rates from the FBI's 2008 uniform crime report.

The top five safest cities are:

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul-Burnsville, Minn.
2. Milwaukee, Wis.
3. Portland, Ore.
4. Boston, Mass.
5. Seattle, Wash.

The full listing of Forbes.com's America's Safest Cities.

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