Minneapolis Snow Emergencies

It’s that time of year again!  With snow come snow emergencies.  There are some new developments of which you may not have heard.

Finding through city surveys that younger drivers haven’t been hearing about snow emergencies, Minneapolis is turning to Facebook and Myspace in an effort to reduce the number of curbside towings during snow emergencies.  Snow emergency information, which includes when motorists need to move their vehicles to allow plows to clear the roads, will now be available on the two social networking sites. 

More traditional communications channels, such as print and broadcast media, will still also be used. Snow emergencies are also publicized by e-mail on the city's website, through a phone alert system, and on a hot line: 612-348-SNOW.

The city is also asking aspiring videographers to create and submit creative videos to help people follow snow emergency parking rules and avoid getting ticketed or towed. The city plans to put the best videos on its cable channels, 14 and 79. To demonstrate what it's looking for, the city has produced its own video. It will soon be available on YouTube. For information, visit the video contest website here.

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