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If you're a prospective first time home buyer, and you've been reading this blog for a while, you already know about our Minnesota First Time Home Buyer site. The website has been created to help first time home buyers with their research into purchasing a home. If you aren't aware of it, now you are! Let it be a resource to you if you are buying your first home in the Twin Cities or beyond.

But more to the point, this blog post is about a new feature at the Minnesota First Time Home Buyer site: A Forum.

The process of purchasing a home may seem overwhelming. There are many sources for first time home buyers to learn from and they all provide different information. The more knowledge you have about the home buying process, the more confident you will be when you venture into the real estate market. But any site can just provide information, sometimes it takes a conversation to really feel like you understand and are understood. That's where our new Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Forum can be of assistance.

Being able to communicate with other Minnesota first time home buyers can give you company on the road to the American Dream. Realtors like myself can really help you understand the process, but sometimes its just nice to know other people that are going through it for the first time, too.  Please use our Minnesota First Time Home Buyer forum to ask questions about grant programs, down payment assistance, the real estate and loan process, and anything else related to purchasing your first home! At the Forum, our Realtor Team and people buying their first home can all share questions and ideas that may come up during the home buying process.


#1 By RealEstateJoe at 12/23/2013 0:43 AM

In most markets nationwide, it is the first time home buyers who are driving the sales and slowly turning the market around. Between the factors of the tax stimulus, low interest rates, declining home prices, the number of short sells and foreclosures, and buyers who have waited in the wings with cash in hand; now that confidence is returning, this is where the sales are happening.

So owner-occupier, first time buyers are where its at and for those who need to sell, this is where your market focus needs to be.

Best of luck!

#2 By Daisy at 12/23/2013 0:43 AM


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