Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Website Launched

Are you one of the many Minnesotans considering buying their first home while the real estate market is swinging towards a record-setting low point?  You’re not alone!  But with so many low-quality websites out there, how can you begin researching the process of buying your first home from a comprehensive site?

Look no further.  We have launched the Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Website just for you and others like you.  At this site, you can find information about federal first time home buyer programs, Minnesota state first time home buyer programs, and Minnesota county first time home buyer programs.  Additionally, there is information regarding first time home buyer programs for Minneapolis and Saint Paul and neighborhood programs.  

At this site, you can learn about mortgage terms and use a mortgage calculator to find an estimate of how much you could potentially spend on a home.  You can register for a home buying seminar, where you will learn a wealth of information about the home buying process.  Soon, other Minnesota first time home buyer resources will be available to cover various topics a first time home buyer may not have considered in their quest, including the hidden costs associated with home ownership that aren’t generally discussed!

One of the greatest features of this site, though it is not active yet, will be a forum for Minnesota first time home buyers.  Here, people in the area that are pursuing the same goal of owning their first home can discuss the buying process and other related topics.  Stay tuned and check the new site often for enhancements and the activation of the forum!

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