Minnesota Schools in the News

Minnesota's students are near the best in the country when it comes to math, according to test results from the 2009 "Nation's Report Card," released by the U.S. Department of Education. Minnesota's fourth graders are in a statistical tie for first place with four other states, and the state's eighth graders are second only to Massachusetts. The math and reading tests are administered every two years. The reading results will be available in 2010.
Last year, Minnesota's fourth- and eighth-grade students were found to be near the top of the world in math and science on the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). It showed that Minnesota's students were outperformed by only four of 36 countries in fourth-grade math, and five of 49 countries in eighth-grade math.

Also, check out the No Child Left Behind scores!

In the Twin cities metro area, St. Paul school district has also made headlines. Interim schools chief Suzanne Kelly, who became acting superintendent after Meria Carstarphen left the post in June, continues to push forward on student achievement, setting a goal of boosting test scores by an unprecedented 10% this year.

"If St. Paul is to prosper, our future citizens and leaders must be able to read and write fluently, compute and think critically, create new artistic designs and sounds, and respect cultural and racial diversity," Kelly said at the annual "State of the District" luncheon Tuesday in downtown St. Paul.
Though it is normal for cafes, colleges and universities to have wireless internet, one important place it isn't is most Minnesota high schools - at least not yet. Though wireless internet and handheld devices are everywhere, especially in the hands of teenagers, some local schools are just beginning to make short-range wireless Internet readily available to students with personal laptops. Maybe it's coming to a school near you? Check out this Star Tribune article.

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