Minnesota Zoo’s Grizzly Coast Has Opened

Russia’s Grizzly Coast, the long-awaited new $30 million addition to the Minnesota Zoo, opened to visitors over the weekend. The exhibit is designed to look as though the bears could leap in amid the playful sea otters -- or even reach people, who cannot see the protective moat. In other areas, a three-quarter-inch wall of glass separates visitors from swimming bears.

In addition to grizzly bears, the new exhibit is also home to otters, wild boars, and rare Amur leopards. To meet some of the residents of the Grizzly Coast exhibit, check out this Star Tribune article.

Apple Valley’s Minnesota Zoo began 30 years ago as vast acreage and concrete. In some cases, animals were hard to see. The new exhibit is sort of a rebirth for the zoo. The zoo currently houses about 2,450 individual animals which are of 445 different species.

I hope you get the chance to check out the new exhibit at this great Twin Cities treasure!

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