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June is Home Ownership and Home Safety Month

Yes, June is a busy month. And because we were busy in June restructuring this website and the blog, we didn't get the chance to tell you about what's happening. So because it's still June 29th, it's not too late to tell you all about it.

June is home ownership month. Last year, we wrote a blog post about it. And most of it's still pretty good, so I'll repost the important stuff here:

For many citizens, owning a home is the very definition of American freedom and independence. Having your own home or real estate has been the American dream since before the Homestead Act. Because of how important home ownership is to Americans, June has been declared National Homeownership Month. All through the month of June, local and national organizations around the country will draw attention to the benefits of home ownership and encourage responsible home ownership. As of today, about 70 percent of Americans own their own homes...

Strange-But-True: Battle of the Bricks

It's been an especially long time since there was a Strange But True post. And admittedly, this one is a little weak, but it's still worth mentioning because it could have ended up a much bigger deal than it is.

The Battle of the Bricks

The city of Minneapolis tried to force Basim Sabri to construct his proposed 77-unit condo development along the Midtown Greenway between Grand and Pleasant Avenues with an all-brick exterior.  Furious at what to him seemed an arbitrary attempt to hold him to a different standard than other developers, Sabri mailed each city council member three bricks to "bolster is argument that an all-brick exterior was impractical."  Then he sued.

The result is that he will still use brick in the development, but he is also permitted to use other materials in specified areas, mainly stucco.  The condos will be built utilizing the brick shell...

Brand New Website, Same Steller Service

In some ways it's been here at the Barker & Hedges website, and in many ways, it has not. If you're a regular, you may have seen some changes around here. Our site has been completely redesigned, reorganized, and revamped. But it isn't just another pretty face.

It has more features, more ways to search, more ways to share, and easy ways to save your favorite properties. Additionally, we can e-mail new listings to you that fit your predetermined criteria as those homes come onto the market. As time goes on, even more options will be added to this site to aid you in your search for a home in the Minneapolis - Saint Paul metro area.

Our aim has been to become most comprehensive guide to the Twin Cities real estate. We outgrew the old site as our ambitions swelled beyond its capabilities. This new site will only continue to grow in usefulness as it evolves in the future. If you haven't bookmarked us before, now is the time to...