More Tree News

It was mentioned earlier this week in this blog that the City of Minneapolis is replacing the trees knocked down in the tornado that occured on August 19. Since that time, more information for private property owners who need to replace trees has become available.  

First, Minneapolis residents who lost trees on their property in the tornado can buy replacements for $25 in a special tree offer sponsored by the city and Tree Trust. There will two species of disease-resistant elm, a buckeye, ironwood and a beech variety available. Though two hundred trees will be for sale, each household is limited to one tree.

Next, we know that Dutch elm disease has and emerald ash borer will continue to devastate urban forest of the Twin Cities and, well, the rest of Minnesota eventually. Might as well get a jump on planting some trees of other varieties right now, right? Minnesota nurseries have been growing a selection of different trees to replace those that will be lost. This article can help you learn more about them and discover if you might want to put one of these trees in your yard.

Finally, a new variety of apple tree developed in Minnesota is about to be a big hit, both with orchards and with taste buds. The SweeTango is about to be introduced to Minnesota farmer's markets and grocery stores this Labor Day weekend. The new apple is made by crossing Honeycrisp with Zestar! - two other varieties developed in Minnesota. It has Honeycrisp's crispness and juice but "kicks up" the flavor and adds an intriguing note of fall spice. It is expected to be the next big apple cash crop for the state and will likely be available nationwide in stores in the fall of 2011.

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