Most Popular Posts of 2008

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs written by Twin Cities authors as of late.  It seems that a lot of them, like the Twin Cities photo blogs I discussed last week, have been doing their own “Most Popular Posts of 2008.”  I thought that it might be interesting to take a look at the most popular posts here at Barker & Hedges based on reader comments.  Without further ado, here they are.

The most popular post by reader comments was written by Kristina and was called Home Staging – Color Theory.  This post from back in March, created by the founder of KFM Staging & Design, was about the importance of choosing what colors to paint the interior of a home when it is being prepared for the market.  When making the decision on what colors to use, decide first what types of feelings you would like to convey about the home.  Reds arouse passion and excitement while blues inspire calm and peace. This post received 3 comments and also had a few link backs.

The rest of the following posts each received 2 comments each.

Also in March, Janell Walter wrote Minneapolis and Saint Paul Area Truth In Housing and what it means to you when Buying or Selling A Home.   Did you know that Truth in Housing inspections are not required in all cities?  If you have ever wondered exactly what a Truth in Housing or Time of Sale inspection is and what it means to you as a home seller or a home buyer, this is a post that you should read. 

Another post by Kristina, coincidentally in from back in March, had some ping-backs in addition to its comments.  Home Staging Side Effects tells you just what you should expect when using staging techniques in your home.  If you are serious about selling your house, consider having it staged professionally.

Next in the list is a post written by Matt Barker called Selling Your Home? Improve Your Curb Appeal.  Wow, this blog was popular in March, because guess what?  This one is from back then, too.  Did you know that many home buyers decide whether or not to take a look inside a house based how it looks on the outside?  This is known as its “curb appeal.” or outside appearance. You increase your chances of buyers wanting to see the inside by making the outside look spectacular.

One of my personal favorite posts is the next one, but that’s because I’m a greenie.  The Target Center with a Green Roof? talks about Minneapolis’ latest step towards doing its part to better the environment.  The Target Center’s Green Roof would potentially lower costs for heating and cooling and has an expected lifespan of 40 years, double the 20 years a normal roof would last.

Finally, the very second post from this blog is in the list.  Who was the #4 Re/Max Team in Minnesota during 2007?  Barker & Hedges was the #4 Re/Max Team in Minnesota.  Hopefully, the team will know soon if Barker & Hedges will be ranked at #1 this year!  Don’t quote me on that, though, the results have not yet been announced. Ha, there’s a disclaimer for yah. 

Anyways, these are the most popular posts that appeared in the Barker & Hedges Twin Cities real estate blog during 2008.  I hope you like them!  My goal is to write great posts that stir debate or inspire questions so that hopefully these counts will be higher when it comes time to make the Most Popular Posts of 2009 entry.  Did you like the posts that you read?  Stop by often for more updates or subscribe to our feed!

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