New Green Certification Program for Homes in the Twin Cities

A new green building certification program is available for homes in the Twin Cities area.

The Builders Association of the Twin Cities has developed and recently rolled out its MN Green Path program. This program aims to encourage energy efficiency for green or energy efficient homes. Compared to standard homes, green homes are healthier, safer and more cost-effective to maintain.

Minnesota’s Green Path provides many options for developing more efficient homes. Some of the opportunities that could lead to a MN Green Path home include:

  • Energy efficiency features such as high performance windows, insulation, and energy-efficient appliances and lighting.
  • Water conservation features designed to encourage on-site water recycling and water-efficient appliances
  • Resource Management features like integrating locally sourced lumber and recycled or reused materials

That certification will be available for homes in all price ranges.

Already, 24 new houses have received the Green Path certification from the BATC. Several will be featured in the Spring Parade of Homes that runs through April 1, 2012.


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