New Writer, New Perspective

Hello there!  I’m new around here at the Barker & Hedges site. I’m not a Realtor or agent in any way nor am I directly involved in the profession. I am actually a professional writer, but beyond that, I have another interest in real estate. And that is, I want to be a first-time home buyer.

As a new contributor to the site, I’ll be talking and writing about concerns about real estate from a consumer point of view.  On my journey through the process of purchasing a home, I will post updates about my own personal experiences.  While researching my future purchase (as any potential home owner should be doing), I’ll share pertinent or interesting information I come across that could be useful for home buyers. I may even find some interesting stuff to tell home sellers, I’ll not get ahead of myself. 

In the posts coming in the weeks and months ahead, I hope we get to learn together.  Feel free to throw out ideas for posts in the comments sections or important topics you think I should cover.  In the meantime, here is an article from the Star Tribune that lists some good real estate books for all types of home owners and potential home owners. Whether you’re trying to buy a home, sell a home, retire to a far-off place, or are trying to stave off foreclosure, there is sure to be something there to interest you.

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