Politcally Correct Home Staging

What do the 2008 Presidential election, the Iraq War, and religion have in common? All these issues provoke a strong reaction in people and should be avoided when staging your home. The purpose of home staging is to transform your house into a product that is pleasing to a wide variety of buyers. For example, how many consumers boycotted Heinz ketchup when John Kerry was a presidential contender? That condiment was banned by some when associated with a political figure whom they opposed.

Similarly, sellers may unintentionally sabotage a sale if they insist on showing their support to one cause or another. Obama, Hilary, McCain, and Ron Paul will not help you sell your home. When you are preparing to sell your house, be sure to remove all political signs and other propaganda from your residence. A die-hard liberal may reject a house solely based on the extensive library of conservative material. Other liberal vs. conservative topics should be avoided as well. “Pro-life” or “Right to Choose” instantly generates strong opinions and can cause the most sincere buyer to abruptly end the showing; likewise, gay right issues are sure to stir up some form of controversial opinions no matter which side buyers are on. When advertising your home, it is best to remain neutral in all areas.

The Iraq War has been an issue of debate since the day it started. A yard sign that states “End the War” may discourage for buyers whose son is in the midst of battle. Whether you want to "Support the Troops" or "Bring Them Home," keep your yard free from advertising your views until your house is sold. There will be room in your new lawn for these signs to be displayed.

Religious beliefs may be shared through signs and symbols, but the truth is your religion is within you. Removing the physical representation of your convictions does not change how or what you believe, it simply opens your home to more potential buyers. For example, Buddhist shrines may offend Roman Catholics while crosses may turn off Jewish buyers. Your house should represent a neutral religious territory, so buyers can imagine their own belief system in the home.

This post does not disregard the importance of free speech. Within legal limits, homeowners should have the right to voice their support or objection to current events. However, when you sell your home, you are selling a place of peace and comfort. If buyers see highly charged propaganda, their differing opinion may cause a strong emotional reaction that could immediately ruin the sale. You will receive maximum results if you are sensitive to the opinions of others and keep your signs and symbols reserved for your new home.

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