School's Out: Keep Sane While Selling

Having your kids at home while selling does not need to drive you crazy. Sellers can retain their sanity by getting their children involved with the selling and staging process.

Once your house has been initially staged, it is necessary to retain your staging standards for last minute showings. A daily checklist can be used to keep your house in peek condition. By using a list, your staging chores will be structured and time will be used efficiently.

To further ease your daily duties, make a separate checklist for your children to follow. Little ones as young as two years old can learn about personal responsibility by cleaning up their own toys. The children's chore list should be easy to follow and age appropriate.

Although seemingly impossible, keep a positive attitude during the selling process. Children easily sense when their parents are stressed. If you stay calm and remain positive your children will reflect that behavior. Finally, be sure to give your little helpers plenty of praise for a job well done!

Staging your home will give you the best chance of selling your house. Maintaining your staging during the non-school months will further ensure a favorable response from buyers!

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