Six Degrees of Home Staging - Wayne Newton

For die-hard home stagers and staging fanatics around the world, home staging is believed to be linked to any profession, celebrity, or life event with-in six degrees. For our first attempt, let's start with an easy one...

Wayne Newton and Home Staging

  1. Wayne Newton is known as Mr. Vegas
  2. Vegas's long-running top show was Siegfried and Roy
  3. Siegfried and Roy are famous magicians
  4. Magicians are known for their sleight-of-hand tricks
  5. Sleight-of-hand uses misdirection to bring attention to a desired area
  6. Attracting attention to desired areas is a key component in home staging
The master bedroom shown the photo below has several angles with low ceiling points. Having no other point-of-interest, the eye is immediately drawn to these low-set roof lines. Home buyers (especially those over 4'10") may view this master bedroom as a series of obstacles.

The staged photo below shows how staging redirects the eye from negative features by creating a visual display that captures buyers' attention. Instead of focusing on the negatives, staging allows buyers to see how to work around less desired areas of a home.

Some critics of home staging accuse stagers of "covering up" flaws in the house; however, that is a uneducated or misunderstood concept of the profession. Home staging shows us how to optimize the unique characteristics of each house.

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