Snow Emergencies in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

The season of Snow Emergencies has finally begun! If you live in Minneapolis or Saint Paul and you park on the street, it would be a good idea to move your car, as the first Snow Emergencies of the winter have been declared in both cities.  You have a little time, though, as Snow Emergency parking regulations begin at 9 p.m. tonight, December 20. 

Minneapolis and St. Paul officials are sticklers when it comes to clearing the roads quickly, usually resulting in hundreds of vehicles landing in the impound lot during heavy snows.  It will cost nearly $300 to bail your car out. So close to the holiday, you know that money could be put to much better use.

Saint Paul and Minneapolis have both tried innovated ways to warn residents about snow emergencies.  Minneapolis is posting snow emergencies on Facebook and Myspace pages.  St. Paul, on the other hand, had an automated system that would call residents to notify them of snow emergencies, but it was the Code Red system was discontinued this year.

Interested in knowing more about the parking rules of the Twin Cities? 

Minneapolis snow emergency information

Saint Paul snow emergency information

Other cities throughout the metro area have different rules for parking in the winter. Most restrict or prohibit evening and overnight parking on the street after heavy snowfalls so that plows can clear the streets. Check your city's website to learn their specific parking rules.

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