Snowpocalypse Aftermath in the Twin Cities

Now that the holiday storm has dumped piles of snow on the Twin Cities, colder weather is moving in, which will make it even more difficult for public works crews to remove the snow and ice from roads.

In Minneapolis, streets are fairly clean on busier streets. High-demand on-street parking areas will likely have curbside snow and ice until it warms up a little. Some potholes are forming alreadyand may not get filled immediately.

In Saint Paul, roads east of Snelling are good, while those to the west are a little rough still. Some St. Paul streets were missed during the snow emergency because of new plow drivers. If your road in St. Paul isn't cleared soon, might want to let them know.

There is a bright spot amidst the storm. Officials in St. Paul and Minneapolis are praising residents for heeding snow emergency warnings called on both Christmas Eve and Christmas. The total number of vehicles towed in Minneapolis was 1,211, compared to the 1,651 towed during the snow emergency that started Dec. 9. In St. Paul, where officials didn't deploy taggers ahead of plows, amazingly only one vehicle was towed. (With all the colleges closed for Christmas break and many people traveling for the holiday, St. Paul officials decided to lighten up). 1,000 metro-area households lost power and more than a 1,000 vehicles wound up in ditches.

Additionally, it appears there were only 2 weather-related fatalities attributed to the 4 day storm, which is incredible. Driving conditions were challenging, but authorities believe that so many people were hunkered down at home with family that there were just fewer people on the road in general. Many made plans to either travel ahead of the storm or changed plans to stay closer to home.

Something fun and worth checking out is this time elapse video of 40 hours worth of snowing in the Twin Cities. It's one thing to live it, it is something else to see it all play out in just a minute-and-a-half. Hope you enjoyed your White Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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