Staging Your Refrigerator

No, you do not need to go get your glasses, you read the title right the first time! Staging your kitchen appliances may sound ridiculous, but it has its place within the staging process. After your priority areas have been staged, it is important to remember the "sometimes forgotten" spaces in your home. Whether sellers realize it or not, buyers will look inside the appliances they are purchasing. You have been officially warned... there is no more hiding the breakfast dishes in the oven or the dirty laundry in the dishwasher. To properly stage your appliances, think "minimum," "clean," and "organized."
  1. Remove all items and wash out the inside walls, drawers, and shelves.
  2. Throw out all expired or odorous food.
  3. Replace the remaining items in an organized fashion.
Not only will you enjoy freshly cleaned appliances, but the buyers will equate these well-cared for areas into a well-cared for home.  When selling your home, small details can make a huge impact to buyers!  Be proactive with your listing, and use all the available staging tools to make a positive impression on buyers.

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